So what is a Chaotic Grace?  Well any and everything when looked at from the right angle can be a Chaotic Grace.  For example, living in New York City which is sometimes known to be one of the most unpleasant places to live in.  It’s insanely expensive for no good reason at all, the residents are rude and while it has a great mass transit system the service at times absolutely sucks.  Living there can be utter chaos!


However, at the same time when the sun sets, the show lights come on and you take a sip of your favorite drink.  New York City can turn into a place so wonderful, so full of beauty and grace that you can’t see yourself living anywhere else.  If you search within yourself right now I’m sure you can find many things that are that perfect balance of chaos and grace.  Perhaps your favorite meal that you love to eat, but dread the chore of making it?

Take a moment and explore the perfect paradox that is your mind.  I'm sure you have a complex mind that's always thinking, watching, observing and searching for truth.   While your mind could possibly reflect your inner chaos many may have told you that your heart reflects your outer grace.  Like every coin has it’s two sides these are the two sides piggybacking on each other that most likely defines you.  Explore yourself and the things around you.  Perhaps stepping back and looking at things from a different angle can lead you to a new level of personal growth.


Anyway thanks for stopping by!